Long-term partnership with exceptional founder and family-owned businesses.

Astor Place Holdings invests in companies in the industrial, aerospace & defense and life science markets.

We are the private investment arm of Select Equity Group, which was founded in 1990 on the premise that rigorous, independent research and disciplined, long-term investing will generate superior returns for its clients. Today, the Firm manages over $35 billion in assets.


We look to invest in businesses for 10-15 years and believe that better decisions are made when taking a long-term view.

For our companies, patient ownership makes us better partners. Management teams can make strategic plans looking years into the future, knowing we are committed for the long haul. Customers and employees likewise benefit from consistency.

For our investors, patient ownership can result in compounding and tax efficient value creation.


We have studied the industry sectors we invest in for decades, allowing us to “hit the ground running” and help our companies accelerate growth.

We partner with our management teams to drive their strategic business plans. We act as a sounding board and assist our teams in growth initiatives, talent development and operational improvements. We also help source and execute complementary add-on acquisitions.

We share best practices across our portfolio and provide access to our wide network of seasoned executives and consultants, who can offer support and operational expertise to address specific needs.


Preservation of a company’s culture is often essential to its continued success. We take significant time upfront to get to know the teams and personnel we are backing on a personal level. Once a foundation of trust and common objectives are established, we can then pursue growth faster together.


Astor Place Holdings seeks to deploy long-term, patient capital in high-quality companies. Our transaction structures include control investments or minority investments with a path to control. We offer solutions for family/founder liquidity, management buy-outs, acquisition financing, take-private transactions, corporate divestitures or growth equity investments.

  • We seek to partner with businesses that share the following characteristics:
  • PRODUCT-BASED Companies that sell components that are “specified” into a larger product or system.
  • EXCELLENT BRAND AWARENESS Leaders or market share gainers in attractive end markets that distinguish themselves meaningfully from competitors.
  • PROTECTED INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Companies that own their intellectual property strengthen their barriers to competition.
  • AFTERMARKET COMPONENT Businesses with an aftermarket parts or services component that drives recurring revenue.
  • STRONG FREE CASH FLOWS Predictable performance with clear, consistent operations.


Aerospace & Defense

Life Science Tools and Equipment

Niche Industrials

Test & Measurement